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Petsitting Irvine


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does your service work?

I provide petsitting, dog walking, overnight visits, pet transportation, administer medications, in-home basic grooming, housesitting, and all other pet-related services throughout Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa and Newport Coast in California. I will come to your home for the pet service requested, typically ranging from 20-60 minutes. Extended visits are available. Please see my services and rates page for more information.

2. How do I sign up with your petsitting service?

Please call me at 949-244-2346 to discuss your pet needs. I will set up a complimentary first time appointment with you. At this meeting you will get to know me and I will get to know you and your pets. We will go over your pet’s routine consisting of diet, exercise, and any other specific needs your pets may have.

3. What animals do you care for?

I care for cats and dogs and all small pets including but not limited to hamsters, gerbils, rats, fish, birds, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, snakes, etc.

4. Are you licensed?

Yes, I am fully licensed for your and your pet’s protection. I specialize in keeping your pets happy, safe, and secure.

5. Is my personal information kept confidential?

Yes, I am committed to making sure all information received from our clients is kept strictly confidential. I only use information to make sure your pets and property are safe and secure.

6. Who will be coming to my home?

My job is to make sure that my clients, their pets and their property are safe and secure at all times. I will be the only person to have access to your home and your pets while you are away.

7. What areas do you service?

I serve Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa and Newport Coast in California.

8. Do you offer pet hotel, boarding, or kennel services?

I offer a much better alternative to a pet hotel, boarding, or kennel service. The American Humane Society states that pets are happiest when they are in their own home, with familiar sights, sounds, and smells. My service makes sure your pets stay completely happy, safe, and secure in their normal environment where they will not be exposed to any viral or other health related risks. I provide pet visits from 1 to as many times per day as needed. See my services and rates page for a full list of services.

9. Can you administer medication to my pets?

Yes, I will be happy to administer medication to your pet as required.

10. Do you offer long-term petsitting?

Yes, I do offer long-term petsitting for a small deposit. Please contact me at 949-244-2346 for further information.

11. Do you have references?

Yes, I can provide you with references upon request.

12. Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, I am currently accepting new clients. Please contact me at 949-244-2346.